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HVAC Service: Dehumidification System Comfort You Can Feel

Appalachian Refrigeration offers Lennox dehumidifiers
Appalachian Refrigeration, Marion NC offers Lennox de-humidifiers

I bet you’ve been to Aunt Zelda’s house and found it hard to breathe because of the nearly overwhelming moldy fragrance permeating every room. Or maybe your own business or home feels stuffy, has water stains on the walls or ceiling. Time for a dehumidifier! Appalachian Refrigeration and Heating in Marion, NC, recommends the Humiditrol® Whole-Home Dehumidification System for improved indoor air quality because its patented technology helps maintain optimal moisture levels throughout your entire home or business. We are your local, expert heating and air conditioning service company, specializing in all your HVAC needs.

What if your home or business is kinda-maybe too damp? You could buy a hygrometer, use it maybe once to measure the amount of moisture in the air, and then buy a small dehydrator for the basement, hoping for the best. Chances are it will be inadequate. Or you could do it right and call our technicians for a professional moisture assessment. We will measure the moisture in several rooms of your house or business in order to give you an accurate report.

A lot of people think that a portable dehumidifier designed for a single room will work on the whole house if the door is left ajar. Wrong! It’s kind of like hoping that a small desk fan will cool the other end of the house from your bedroom. They just don’t work that way. Also, if you buy a smaller unit in hopes of saving money by using it for the entire house, be aware that it won’t last as long as a unit designed for the correct amount of space. You’ll end up spending more in the long run than choosing a properly sized dehumidifier.

If your home or business has too much moisture, you probably already know it because of that mustiness you can almost taste, or water marks on the walls, floors or ceilings. Maybe you have mold that returns even after you clean it with fungicide-based cleansers. It’s stinky, frustrating, and can become dangerous to your health if the mold continues to grow. However, you have a reliable company to turn to for answers. We’ll be happy to check it out for you, to be sure. Our HVAC technicians are experts and know how to improve indoor air quality with a properly sized dehumidifier. Our whole-house (or business) units tie in directly with your existing heating and air conditioning systems. Located in Marion, NC, Appalachian Refrigeration and Heating is here to serve you!

Trade Out Your Old Oil Furnace for a New Lennox System!

Appalachian Refrigeration and Heating is proud to be able to offer excellent HVAC service, heating repair to the greater Marion, NC area and now, we carry Lennox heating systems! With financing services available, you can replace that old oil system now to have reliable heat for your home or business this winter.

Why Choose Lennox’s Elite ® Series?

Appalachian Refrigeration and Lennox, Marion NC
Appalachian Refrigeration and Lennox, Marion NC

The Elite ® series, such as the ELO183 Oil Furnace above will give you clean, quiet and comfortable heat in your home. With an efficiency rating of 83%, this economical model can save you hundreds of dollars every year. Compared to your old, inefficient oil furnace, your pocketbook is sure to appreciate the difference!

Lennox uses a Beckett combustion chamber, which is made of alumina-silica ceramic fiber. This provides a quiet operation and super-efficient combustion for greater fuel economy. A heavy-gauge steel heat exchanger ensures that air moves evenly over its smooth surface, increasing the heating efficiency. Increased efficiency means you’re saving money, and everyone loves that!

The Elite ® series has an insulated blower compartment, which minimizes operating sounds. This means no more furnace banging, operational groaning and other spooky noises coming from the basement when your old furnace kicks on. Why, you’ll sleep better just knowing that single fact, we’re pretty sure. Your kids will, anyway.

Lennox means quality. Period. Another example of this is in the heavy-duty fuel pump that comes with the Elite ® system. It is much more efficient than the older fuel pumps in oil furnaces and it also provides a faster shutoff of oil flow. Translation? Increased savings to you.

As with all Lennox products, their oil furnaces come with a great warranty. This is an unspoken statement of pride and faith in their products. They are quality and the warranty backs it up.
Winter is coming, folks. Don’t wait until your old oil furnace fails with the first snowfall. Replace that dinosaur with a Lennox oil system. Appalachian Refrigeration and Heating provides excellent heating service and repair, HVAC service to the greater Marion, NC area. With financing available, there couldn’t be a better time to replace your old, unreliable furnace. Lennox is a brand that is sure to please you because it is a quality product that will save you money month after month. Give our office a call today for more information.

Appalachian Refrigeration is Proud to Carry Lennox Products!

Heating and air conditioning, Marion NC, Heating repair, HVAC service, Financing, Lennox
Lennox Heating Service, Marion NC

Built on a legacy of innovation in heating and air conditioning products, Lennox delivers ultimate comfort to your home or business in the greater Marion, NC area. Look no farther than Appalachian Refrigeration and Heating for all your heating and air conditioning needs, from heating repair and HVAC service, to new installations and financing. We offer it all!

Why choose Lennox?
From the first riveted-steel furnace in 1895 to a solar-assisted home comfort system, Lennox delivers quiet, consistent heating and cooling and guarantees it with a fantastic warranty. Simply put, Lennox is the best!

Unrivaled Reputation
Known for our professional, knowledgeable staff, Appalachian Refrigeration and Heating is your perfect partner when you need quality home comfort at reasonable prices. As a Lennox dealer, our technicians have been trained to design the right system for your home, install it properly and keep it running perfectly for years to come.

Leading-Edge Quality
All Lennox products are tested extensively to ensure they will meet the challenges of the most demanding heating and air conditioning needs. Quality is built into every piece of equipment with you in mind.

Worry-Free Warranty Coverage
Sure, Lennox offers exceptional quality, but the real peace of mind comes from knowing they back it up with one of the best warranties in the business. For select high-efficiency systems, an extended warranty protection is also available online.

Heating and air conditioning, Marion NC, Heating repair, HVAC service, Financing, Lennox

Energy Innovation
Did you know that Lennox has earned the prestigious Energy Star® Manufacturing Partner of the Year award four times? In fact, Lennox was the first winner of this award in the heating and cooling industry! High Energy Star® ratings means Lennox is committed to creating products with a cleaner global environment. What this means to you as a consumer is that choosing Lennox products can save you hundreds of dollars every year on your utility bills, and healthier world for our children.

Heating and air conditioning, Marion NC, Heating repair, HVAC service, Financing, Lennox
Healthy Climate

Healthy Climate® Solutions
We also offer air purifiers and cleaners to help reduce allergens and other contaminants in the air. These products also help improve air circulation and balance humidity levels. Our goal is to provide the best heating and air conditioning products and HVAC service for all our Marion, NC clients. Don’t forget, we now have financing options, so owning a Lennox furnace or heat pump is easy. Give us a call today for more information.

Appalachian Refrigeration and Heating – Proud Sponsor of McDowell Cheer Masters!

McDowell Cheer Masters
Appalachian Refrigeration and Heating – Proud Sponsor of McDowell Cheer Masters!

Because Appalachian Refrigeration and Heating cares about our community we were proud to sponsor McDowell’s Cheer Masters this year. What on earth is that? We’re glad you asked!

McDowell Cheer Masters is the county’s first all-star cheerleading team, a safe alternative to cheerleading for McDowell County residents. The program offers two age-based levels of premier cheer training, plus professional classes in tumbling skills. They are, in essence, a private cheerleading group that competes against other teams across the state and even performs at various events, such as birthday parties. Katrina Dorsey, the group’s founder, said, “McDowell girls train longer, tumble harder and stunt higher than the rest of the cheer world. That’s why we’re masters of the competition.”

Although Dorsey offers training in two different age groups (6-12 and 10-18), we felt like we could help the 10-18 group more effectively with our sponsorship. It is in this age group where girls turn into young women. We want to be able to help them make this shift gracefully, in a group of other positive, like-minded young ladies. The confidence and physical grace they find in cheering will build their self-esteem, helping them throughout the tough high school and college years. We want to make a difference in our community!

Appalachian Refrigeration and Heating is a family-owned business serving McDowell County and the surrounding area. Commercial and residential refrigeration and air conditioning sales and service are our specialty. Give us a call today for more information!

Appalachian Refrigeration Now Carries Coleman ® Air Conditioners

Coleman Heating and Cooling
Coleman Heating and Cooling

Coleman. Is a name synonymous with rugged durability and comfort. We’re not just talking about camping equipment. Most people are unaware that the same company that brought you camp stoves and lanterns for well over a hundred years also has an impressive line of commercial HVAC equipment. Think of it this way: You know your Coleman camping equipment won’t let you down. Well, their line of heating and air conditioning products won’t either. Period.

Commercial products from Coleman include gas furnaces, single unit and split system heat pumps, evaporator blowers and commercial thermostats/controls. If you want excellent quality for your commercial applications, Coleman is the brand for you and Appalachian Refrigeration can make it happen.

Residential products are similar to the commercial applications, but scaled to size. We also offer a great ductless mini-split heat pump/AC unit for homes that is a great solution for homes that don’t have ductwork. We also carry an impressive line of products designed to meet your indoor air quality needs, such as humidifiers (and dehumidifiers, for damp rooms and basements), filter and UV air treatment systems. Whatever your air quality needs are for your home, our qualified and experienced team of technicians will be able to give sound advice that will benefit you for years to come.

Built with pride right here in the USA, Coleman products are manufactured with strict guidelines to give you years of trouble-free service. And their warranties back it up. Did you need another reason to love Coleman? Okay, Appalachian Refrigeration’s technicians have the training and experience to properly install your new Coleman unit and we’ll do it with professional courtesy. We’re proud to offer Coleman, an American product!

Give Appalachian Refrigeration a call today to discuss how Coleman products can help with your air conditioning and air quality needs. We’re here to serve you!

Appalachian Refrigeration Has Expanded. We Now Offer Heat and Air Conditioning Services!

Appalachian Refrigeration Has Expanded. We Now Offer Heat and Air Conditioning Services!
Appalachian Refrigeration Has Expanded. We Now Offer Heat and Air Conditioning Services!

At the word “heat,” you might be rolling your eyes. After all, blackberry winter has passed and we’ve stepped straight into summertime. Kids are begging to go swimming, cookouts are being planned, and everyone is looking forward to getting a tan during summer vacations. We’re fully in the swing of air conditioning days.

Most of our customers know that Appalachian Refrigeration has the expertise to handle any commercial or residential refrigeration need, from emergency service calls to commercial refrigeration sales and installation. We’re very proud to announce to you that we have also added heating and air conditioning services. The season of needing heat has passed, but air conditioning is fast becoming king in terms of comfort needs.

If your business has an air conditioning need, give us a call. We’ll be happy to come out to evaluate your existing units and give you honest recommendations. Restaurant air conditioning is our specialty, but we are equally qualified to help out other businesses or residences with air conditioning needs.

Perhaps your restaurant’s air conditioning was merely adequate last year. Now your central units are a year older, therefore a little more prone to fail you. Not only will your staff be uncomfortable, but your customers will begin to complain, or worse, avoid coming in the first place. It only takes one negative experience for people to be turned off forever. Don’t let an inadequate air conditioning system be the cause!

How about your home’s air conditioning? Last year, were there days when it simply couldn’t cool your house satisfactorily? It’s more common than you think, but that’s not the way heat pumps and central air conditioners are supposed to be. They’re supposed to keep you cool. Period. If you dread summer again because you know you’ll still be hot even with the unit running 24-7, then it’s time to give us a call. We’ll come check it out for you, fix it or give you several options for replacements.

We are here to serve the greater Marion, McDowell area and the surrounding counties. Our courteous, experienced staff is there for you! Give us a call today to schedule an appointment to have your air conditioning system inspected. You’ll be glad you did.

Beat the Summertime Heat: Time to Check Your AC Unit

Appalachian Refrigeration can change you AC filters
Appalachian Refrigeration can change you AC filters

In our area, spring is very quickly replaced by the sweltering heat of summer. Before you’ve even found time to put away your winter wardrobe and ponder the upcoming pool season’s new swimsuit, you’ve already turned on the AC and started avoiding the outdoors after noon.

The question today is this: Is your air conditioning unit in good shape for this season of heat we’re stepping into? If it doesn’t seem to be cooling as well as it should, you’ve likely got a problem that will only get worse as the summer progresses. Here are a two super-easy things you can do to help your air conditioner work at its best:

1. Close all the outside doors and windows. Don’t laugh. It’s just one of those things folks overlook. There’s that one window in the laundry room, bathroom or kid’s room that’s always cracked for ventilation. Well, okay, in the bathroom it’s necessary, but not all the time, alright? The air conditioning unit won’t ever be able to cool the yard, so close those outside doors and windows.
2. Check the filters. Chances are the filters will need to be replaced (some just cleaned, depending on what kind you have) in order for the unit to efficiently pull the air through, to reduce your home’s temperature. If the filters are dirty, the compressor is more likely to fail prematurely. Changing the filters is an easy “do it yourself” preventative maintenance task. If you’re not sure which filter to get, take the old one with you to the store and buy exactly the same kind and size.

If you’ve done these easy checks and the unit still doesn’t seem to be cooling as well as it should, it’s time to call Appalachian Refrigeration. Our service technicians have the experience and education you need to get your air conditioning back up to its best working capacity. We specialize in residential air conditioning (heat pumps, central air), as well as the bigger commercial units in restaurants and other businesses. We’ll respond quickly and not leave you sweating!